Scenes from Split

I stayed in Split for two weeks, in which I got to spend some time relaxing and really take my time with just hanging out in Croatia (and also getting some things done). It was a nice seaside city and I stayed just outside the city center, which was also the old town. The city center in Split was really cool in that it’s essentially made up of an old Roman site – Diocletian’s Palace. It’s also just across the sea from Italy and I definitely indulged in the Italian food influences. Here are some photos!

Split – Marjan Forest Park


Marjan Park in Split is unique in that it’s a forest on a hill, right next to the city center. It’s the greenest part of the city containing old ruins and medieval landmarks. I enjoyed the mild Dalmatian climate and wandered on a couple of the trails here during my stay.


Do you spy the rock climber?

Scenes from Split – Advent Edition

I’m a little behind on getting through all the photos I took throughout Croatia, but as it is Advent season, here is the first set of images from seeing Croatia all decked out for the holidays. In Split, much of Advent occurs along Riva, the seaside promenade in the city center.

I watched the huts getting built up and the cafe bars transform to holiday mode.

And then, it became festive! There was some merriment all over Riva as well as People’s Square inside the Old Town. I was wandering on a weeknight though, so it was a little quieter than it would have been over the weekend.



Train Ride to Split

These are views from my 6 hour journey from Zagreb in the north to Split in the south along the Dalmatian coast. There was a service change in the middle where we had to take a bus for about 3 of the train stops. The landscape changed as the train (or bus) wove through the forest, then snaking around, under, and over the mountains into the valleys (and back to mountains).