Day Trip to Slovenia – Postojna Cave

After wandering around Ljubljana, it was time for the main attraction – the Postojna Cave! From the photos I had seen, it looked otherworldly and I cannot resist seeing surreal natural wonders. The area they have open for tourism is only a tiny bit of the cave. I got to learn that the cave has been a tourist attraction since the 19th century, when Archduke Franz Ferdinand paid a visit and decided to make it one.

Entrance to the cave!

They have you take a train down the cave, to the main walking portion! It was like a theme park ride, except real.

Once you get off the train, you walk through a guided pathway for about an hour. At the end is the gift shop and then a train ride back to the surface. The photos fail to truly capture the grand scale of this place. You really just have to experience it if you find yourself in central Europe. However, I still wanted to get photos and catch some of the details. One thing I appreciated was that they really make an effort on conservationism of the cave – you are only allowed to go on one of the scheduled daily tours so that they can keep the lights out in the cave the rest of the time and protect the wildlife inside.

I spent the entire time in pure awe and wonder, and definitely recommend it.



(Foggy) Day Trip to Slovenia – Ljubljana

While researching my Croatia trip, I noticed its proximity to Ljubljana on the map. It’s a city I’ve been wanting to day-trip to, as I read somewhere that it’s an up-and-coming location for creatives. It also just looked cute. Somewhere down the Google rabbit hole, I came across some information about Postojna Cave and became obsessed. The photos looked amazing and who doesn’t love an otherworldly natural wonder? I ended up booking a day tour as it was low season and there wasn’t a simple way for me to go on my own from Zagreb. I don’t mind taking a an organized day tour provided it’s a good company that allows flexibility and keeps the groups small. Sometimes it is also just easier! Or you’re cold and tired and want to just go all-out tourist. The best part was that this is low season, and there was only one other person on this tour with me.

It took only 30 minutes to get to the Croatia-Slovenia border. We needed our passports because Croatia is not in the Schengen Zone, but Slovenia is. There was fog all morning. These photos are from after we entered Slovenia (click for larger)!

Dragon Bridge, and Butcher’s Bridge! I was a little overexcited about the dragons, maybe from all the Game of Thrones nerding out as of late.

St Nicholas Church had Pope heads sticking out of the door facades, including a more recent addition blessed by Pop John Paul II.

The tour had us ride up a funicular to Ljubljana Castle, which was less of a castle and more of a former prison and now a venue. I only have foggy photos of the view.

Fun fact: my tour guide stopped us at this vending machine. You can get fresh milk practically from the cow from these. I was highly disappointed there wasn’t actually a cow behind the machine.

These are the rest of the image selections from the hour and a half or so of free time I had to eat and wander around the teeny tiny town. There was both an Italian market and a flea market happening that day.

The tour guide made a point to highlight this sculpture of sperm, she said it gets moved every few weeks for this year’s Creation of Life theme on the public art. Naturally, I took a photo for my own memory of that particular moment.