Natur-Park Schöneberger Südgelände in Berlin

This past weekend I spent part of the afternoon in one of Berlin’s many parks. What I love about the parks here is that they feel like little forests! This one is literally a magical forest regrown on its own over 50 years, from a deserted rail yard. It is now a park and nature reserve, containing art installations and boardwalks made from recycled metal. IT was all SO COOL. Click thumbnails for larger.



Good Friday in Prenzlauer Berg

I’m still in settling-in mode and am waaayyyy behind on my planned posts. I am moving out from my short term sublet in Prenzlauer Berg to a longer term flat in Kreuzberg.  Naturally, I took the opportunity to procrastinate on packing for the move that is in 2 days, and took a stroll to Mauerpark only 10 minutes away.  Between Good Friday being a national holiday in Germany, and the weather finally behaving more like spring, many were out and about.

I remembered that I own a camera, took it with me, and even used it.