Joshua Tree – Cholla Garden

This deserves its own little gallery, because the cholla garden at the Joshua Tree was SO COOL. It seems so random that hundreds of them would grow in concentration within this one area. We had some fun here.


In which we were asked to pose as a cactus, and then a sexy cactus:


Salton Sea – Bombay Beach

We took a quick stop along the Salton Sea during the road trip. It’s a spot that I’ve been morbidly fascinated by. We decided on Bombay Beach kind of as we drove by, one of the (mostly) abandoned towns. I am surprised there are people still living there at all considering it has been an environmental wasteland for decades now. Definitely eerie to walk amongst all the fish skeletons.


Joshua (Family) Tree

A series of Joshua Tree portraits. I like to think that they are all cousins.



Salvation Mountain

Salvation Mountain is a folk art site near the Salton Sea in southern California created by Leonard Knight. Even though the art itself isn’t my cup of tea, I was interested in stopping here during my September road trip to Joshua Tree (click for larger).



After playing host to my friends back in San Diego, we embarked on a mini road trip through the desert, and enjoyed the views using the scenic route.

The first stop was in Julian, where we got to enjoy some of their famous apple pie! I definitely recommend trying some, and if you like savory like I do, to top it with some sharp cheddar.

We only stayed for about an hour or so, before moving in the general direction towards our main destination.

We then went into the Anza Borrego Desert on an unpaved road to reach a canyon called The Slot. We were riding in a tiny little Nissan Versa, which juuuuust made it through the road.  I didn’t quite make it down into the canyon, but managed some general photos while we were parked. As usual, click thumbnails for larger images.

It was kind of an ambitious day and we continued on to Salvation Mountain as well as The Salton Sea, which I feel deserved their own posts.


Desert Road Trip

An overview of my southern California desert roadtrip from this past September, from the backseat of the rental car. Even though I lived in the San Diego metro area for 5 years, I had never gone east to these desert regions before. We drove through several scenic routes in 3 days to maximize our time.


San Diego!

Back in September I traveled to San Diego to attend a wedding. It had been 5 years since I was there last. I recruited my Brooklyn family to join me the days after the wedding, and took them to some nice spots. On this particular day we went to La Jolla, which I definitely had not been to since I was an undergrad (click thumbnails for larger).

La Jolla Cove, in which we got to observe and be amused by the sea lions and their barking.

Tidepools at La Jolla! It was actually my first time here. We were able to catch low tide.

We also wandered through the downtown area and stumbled across the Chuck Jones Gallery which had Dr. Seuss paintings and sculptures. I had no idea he worked in other mediums. These were amazing.