Statues That Have Been Blessed By The Pigeons Of Prague

I recently took a quick weekend visit to Prague. It was my first time and a beautiful day, so I did the crowded tourist stroll across the Charles Bridge. This bridge has 30 statues flanking the sides, and I observed something: several have been blessed, by what I will assume to be pigeons. Enough to pull together this curated gallery of fine, fine photography.



Weekend in Gay Pareeee

Last month I took my 5th trip to Paris. I mainly came to visit cousins who live there, but will take any excuse to come back! This was a quick little weekend that contained spring rain and shine.

Stuck in traffic while taking the airport shuttle in from CDG, and grabbed some photos through the bus window.Paris-March2018-1.jpgParis-March2018-33.jpgA Saturday visit to the Fondation Louis Vuitton, only to find it between exhibits. We wandered through the park Bois de Boulogne next door, where I had fun taking way too many photos of the peacocks.Paris-March2018-5.jpgParis-March2018-9.jpg

I then did some wandering about Montmartre and Pigalle, as I hadn’t been there since my first couple of trips.

My wanderings went further into the center towards the tourists, I just did a lot of walking around all afternoon.

Sunday began with attending the flea market at Saint-Ouen.Paris-March2018-53.jpg

Paris-March2018-66.jpgThen a lunch by Canal St Martin.Paris-March2018-68.jpg

I did some more wandering, this time through Le Marais.

My home base Metro was at Opera, as where I was staying required a bus from here to just outside the center. A good weekend overall!


Daytripping to Poland

A couple of weeks ago I got to journey into Poland for a daytrip to a city near the border called Szczecin, only about 2.5 hours from Berlin by train. I went with a small group of members from a nice group called Make Friends in Berlin, and I enjoyed the novelty of saying “I’m going to Poland for the day.” The weather was beautiful, the food was delicious, and the company was great. It was a nice relaxed day of sightseeing, photographing, eating, and drinking.

Onwards to the visuals!

A typical view of the scenery from the train ride.Szczecin-3

Some bits of the architecture (and a musical friend).

An emo bird, and a sign.

At the Pomeranian Dukes Castle.

Spring has arrived!

Another angle of the old city wall.Szczecin-30We stopped in front of and then inside the Philharmonic building, and took many photos of the modern and minimalist architecture. I’m sure the exterior photo has been shot this way hundreds of times!


Some more random details of the city center.Szczecin-31

Every city has a place you can go to enjoy 360 degree views. We went to a nice little cafe (Cafe 22) in a skyscraper to enjoy ours.Szczecin-77Szczecin-78.jpgNo crossing!

Heading back to the train and back to Berlin.


Good Friday in Prenzlauer Berg

I’m still in settling-in mode and am waaayyyy behind on my planned posts. I am moving out from my short term sublet in Prenzlauer Berg to a longer term flat in Kreuzberg.  Naturally, I took the opportunity to procrastinate on packing for the move that is in 2 days, and took a stroll to Mauerpark only 10 minutes away.  Between Good Friday being a national holiday in Germany, and the weather finally behaving more like spring, many were out and about.

I remembered that I own a camera, took it with me, and even used it.









I’ve been in Germany for two months and recently ventured on my first day trip outside the city! A friend happened to be in town for the weekend so I joined in on some of the tourist fun. It’s only about 45 minutes by train from Berlin. The weather was not ideal, but it was interesting to see these Prussian palaces in hibernation mode for the winter.

Walking through the City Center (click for larger):

Park Sanssouci, where I imagine it to be some sort of magical wonderland full of unicorns during the spring and summer:






3:10 to Pioneertown

Back in September I went on a little road trip in the desert with my closest friends from Brooklyn. There was a last minute decision to make a quick stop in Pioneertown for some exploration. It’s an unincorporated community that was built in the 1940s, and was created to function as a film set.

Let’s just say we were inspired by the founders and their original intentions.

Some behind-the-scenes photos of our moments on set, taken by my friend Graham:


Scenes from Split

I stayed in Split for two weeks, in which I got to spend some time relaxing and really take my time with just hanging out in Croatia (and also getting some things done). It was a nice seaside city and I stayed just outside the city center, which was also the old town. The city center in Split was really cool in that it’s essentially made up of an old Roman site – Diocletian’s Palace. It’s also just across the sea from Italy and I definitely indulged in the Italian food influences. Here are some photos!