Hi, I’m Tanya!

Like so many out there I am obsessed with frolicking in foreign countries. I have discovered over the years that I am most interested in cities, surreal landscapes, and nature’s various creatures doing their thing.

I first learned photography on a manual film camera back in college. These days I shoot on a variety of (digital and film) cameras, mainly a Fuji Xt1 and my phone. My favorite things to capture are landscapes, textures, patterns, animals, cute things, strange things, and candid moments.

I’ve lived over a decade in NYC, and before that (in reverse order) – San Diego, Orange County, Dallas, Houston, Cincinnati, Toronto, and Montreal. I spent over ten years as a professional photo editor (and then some) in the world of media & entertainment. Other things I enjoy include the cinema, Britpop, new wave, dystopian literature, and finding time to make art in other mediums.

What’s changed in the new version of this website?

Before, the focus was to create photo galleries of my adventures and prevent the images from collecting digital dust in my hard drive. The next natural step was to evolve it to be slightly more of a blog. My emphasis is still heavily on photography and building a visual journal rather than writing.

In addition, I’m finally chasing my dreams and moving abroad to travel more. Therefore, I thought it would be fun to chronicle my adventures as I go, and challenge myself to do a little bit more than just post images to Instagram. This is still an ongoing passion project, especially as I simultaneously revisit past trips and try to write a little bit about them. It’s is a perpetual work in progress.

Any travel stories that took place before the site relaunch (Fall 2017) will be found in the Memoirs.