Weekend in Gay Pareeee

Last month I took my 5th trip to Paris. I mainly came to visit cousins who live there, but will take any excuse to come back! This was a quick little weekend that contained spring rain and shine.

Stuck in traffic while taking the airport shuttle in from CDG, and grabbed some photos through the bus window.Paris-March2018-1.jpgParis-March2018-33.jpgA Saturday visit to the Fondation Louis Vuitton, only to find it between exhibits. We wandered through the park Bois de Boulogne next door, where I had fun taking way too many photos of the peacocks.Paris-March2018-5.jpgParis-March2018-9.jpg

I then did some wandering about Montmartre and Pigalle, as I hadn’t been there since my first couple of trips.

My wanderings went further into the center towards the tourists, I just did a lot of walking around all afternoon.

Sunday began with attending the flea market at Saint-Ouen.Paris-March2018-53.jpg

Paris-March2018-66.jpgThen a lunch by Canal St Martin.Paris-March2018-68.jpg

I did some more wandering, this time through Le Marais.

My home base Metro was at Opera, as where I was staying required a bus from here to just outside the center. A good weekend overall!


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