Zagreb – Croatia’s Capital

I’ve now been in Europe a little over a week! My first few days were a little exhausting and delirious, but definitely manageable. Normally it only takes me a couple of days to adjust, as I will typically take a red-eye and then not sleep all day. The stress of moving out, reducing my possessions into 2.5 suitcases, and lugging them overseas has definitely factored into the adjustment period.  I was so out of it, that on my way to my flight for Croatia, I took the airport shuttle the wrong direction. I am generally pretty en pointe with public transport in cities.

Oh, and I sustained a minor wrist sprain while grabbing my (slightly overstuffed and overweight) carryon luggage from the bin. I’ve been operating semi one-handed as I move about Croatia and making sure I place minimal strain or pressure on my left wrist. Did I mention I am left-handed? Things have been interesting.

That said, I took it easy during my 5 days in Zagreb. I booked a private room (with ensuite bathroom) in a trendy hostel and slept in most days. It’s such a compact city and easy to figure out, I walked everywhere. Here are the photos!

Upper Town

Since my hostel was right by Upper Town (old town), I wandered around there first. As always, click thumbnails for larger versions.

Art Park & Gric Tunnel

Right below Upper Town is the Art Park and the Grič Tunnel. apparently a lot goes on during the summer, but I was still glad to be present for low season and avoiding crowds.

I also noticed that they are getting ready for Advent in December! I can’t wait to be back for that.

Mirogoj Cemetary

What Père Lachaise is to Paris, Mirogoj is to Zagreb. Zagreb is so small, that even though it was outside the city center, all it took was a 15 minute tram ride at about 65 cents for the ride.

Everything Else

These are from general wandering around.


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