Goodbye, NYC

Today is the big day! I am leaving NYC on a one-way flight and heading abroad. I can definitely say I got to experience quite a bit and am very glad I got to call this place my home.  The past 12 years and 8 months have been anything but dull.

I had many adventures in the city that never sleeps (click for larger).

It was my first adopted home. I got to enjoy all kinds of people watching, especially during a few Halloweens.

I took advantage of museums, parks, and sites.

Attended quite a few gigs.

Last year I said goodbye to David Bowie at the informal memorial that sprung up beneath his home in Soho, and commiserated with fellow citizens the Subway Therapy wall in Union Square.

Not once did I tire of this view.

That’s all for now. I will miss all the wonderful people I have met as well as the amazing food options. However, new adventures await in the next 4 months (or hopefully, longer).

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